Korean VADJ (26)
*In this VADJ, Suzy, Amber and I eat at Genwa, a Korean BBQ restaurant, and watch a documentary about sex trafficking.

Angel of My VADJ (25)
*In this VADJ, I fly to LA, meet Amber at the airport, pick up a rental car, eat some sushi and sing a song with Suzy that she totally wrote herself.

Outfit Of The Day (Officially lost 25+ lbs!) VADJ (24)
*In this VADJ, I weigh myself and have officially lost 25+ lbs! WOO! Then Justine and I go shopping, eat at Chipotle, and I end the vlog early because my flight to LA is in a few hours!

Sisterhood of the Traveling VADJ (22)
*In this VADJ, Yeison (@loserluigi) and Christian (@christianarghhh) come to New Jersey to play. We eat at an Ethiopian restaurant, Makeda, in New Brunswick, get some bubble tea, eat at Ruby Tuesday’s after a torrential downpour and then go to New Hope to walk around.

Ken’s Final VADJ (21)

The Pizza Mistress VADJ

Big, Beautiful VADJ

Nudie Baking VADJ! (16)

The Amish Thai Nun Tomb Carnival VADJ (15)