Ryan Lochte’s sister, Megan, being completely racist.

Apparently the entire Lochte family missed out on that whole intelligence thing.

*EDIT* You can view the video here since it was removed from YouTube.

Still sick :( my fault thinking it would go away in a day #stupid #cold (Taken with instagram)

Still sick :( my fault thinking it would go away in a day #stupid #cold (Taken with instagram)


When people ask you stupid questions.

When people ask you stupid questions.

Remember that time we couldn’t find ANY shade to contour Kareen’s complexion with?

You Get A Gold Star!

I decided it was time for us to award people with some gold stars. I provided stickers with both appropriate and “colorful” language to appeal to everyone.



     It’s like someone brought me to the most delicious restaurant in the world, but I have no mouth. I mean it’s great that they brought me there but I can’t eat anything. Now apply that to the new equipment that I got and you should understand.
     We’ll start with my camera—a Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR. I feel like it’s nearly impossible to operate with just one person—that or I’m just really stupid. But really, how do you focus a camera on yourself? I understand the concept of using a place holder and focusing on that, then just jumping in the shot. However, after I focus it on that one particular spot, I can’t move. If I move out of the focused area, obviously, I won’t be in focus. It’s kind of hard to be in front of the camera and behind it at the same time. How do other people do it? There are plenty of tutorials on using the camera in general, but when it comes to how to use it on yourself—not so much.
     Not only am I too much of an idiot to work my new camera; I don’t even think I ordered the right things. Sure, they’re great individually but they don’t go together. The light that I bought is tungsten, which I thought I heard somewhere that that was what I needed. Then yesterday I stumbled across a video of professional lighting people saying that tungsten is horrible for green screen and to use florescent. Not to mention the green screen is probably too small and I should have just ordered a sheet of green fabric. Plus it’s wrinkled and I have no idea how to get the wrinkles out. Do I iron it? Do I have to buy a steamer? Even if we pretend the light I bought were the right kind, it’s still not enough to light the whole screen. I need another light on the opposite side, behind me so that it doesn’t cast a shadow. Which brings me to my room not being big enough. And I’m probably not even going to use the microphone I got because I should have gotten a wireless one.
     Hopefully when Justine is not working anymore she can help me film my videos. Until then, I have no idea what to do.