The Fault In Our Stars- Troye Sivan

Buy the song. All proceeds go toward PMHF.

I will long remember when I was on the set of the TFiOS movie and Frank, the Transportation Captain, was like, “I loved your book, but I really loved that song about your book by the Australian guy Troye.”

All my preconceptions—about Frank, about Troye, about the people working on the movie—were upended.

What a magical week it has been. What a gift Troye has given us and the children at PMH. If you don’t know the song…enjoy.

Wait but remember when Meghan Tonjes performed her song “The Fault Is In Our Stars” at VidCon 2012 and John came on stage and hugged her


“The Fault Is In Our Stars” by Meghan Tonjes (a song inspired by John Green)