Less than 10% of my subscribers watch my videos. If you follow me on Tumblr and you used to watch my videos, what made you stop? You can leave it anonymously in my ask box. I wanna know so I can fix it.

  1. nazial said: No YouTube format stops me from watching your videos :D
  2. dnllmchll said: i LOVE your videos, i think they’re amazing. but for me, I’ve gotten busy and don’t have time to go on youtube for hours every week & watch EVERYONE’s videos. I do watch 90% of your DITLOs, however!!! i usually make sure that I do(:
  3. suchalovelygirl said: I just don’t have time to watch videos anymore. =[
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    well said
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    Honestly, I love you, your videos and all your characters. However, Youtube’s constant change of layout has really...
  6. kilwillae said: I still love you, Ken, Justine, and Meghan. You’re all talented and fantastic people. I used to watch all of your videos, but I’ve had no time or desire to watch videos for the last few months, for a number of reasons. I hope your veiwership picks up soon, but I can’t say…
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  9. nefficles said: i like the videos of you and your bf being funny. just video blogs and the characters you make. i dont really like the birchbox stuff or the shopping spree things. however, i think you are hilarious with anything you do :)
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  11. time-is-not-given said: My computer is broken and I mainly use my phone. The youtube app doesn’t always add videos to my channel feed. I have to manually go down my subscription list and see if there is a new post. Some people may not want to, or have time to do that.
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    For me, #2 is probably the main reason I have trouble keeping up with YouTube and all the things people post. I...
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  14. fetchbender said: You, Ken, and Justine are my favorite youtubers, but since I’ve been back in college I haven’t had time to catch up on videos :-(…
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