Soooo I just got back from my LASIK consultation…

…and I’m not eligible. My prescription is too high (-10) and my eyes are too big.

BUT! There’s this procedure called PRK that is an alternative to LASIK that yields the same results. The only thing is the recovery time is much longer (about two weeks as opposed to immediately) and they scratch your cornea instead of cutting a flap. So basically, I’m going to feel like I have eyelashes in my eyes for two weeks. But hey—if I end up being able to see at the end of this, it’s all worth it.

What’s awesome is, I bought the LASIK procedure on Groupon in September for $2400 and I don’t have to pay any upcharges for PRK! WOOT.

Oh yeah, and I’m wearing my glasses currently and can’t wear contacts anymore and my surgery on February 9th. I just said “and” a lot. Making videos will be interesting. I don’t know if I’m just going to be staring into the camera blindly or if I’ll be wearing my glasses. I suppose we will see. (no pun intended)

But yeah. Guess I just wanted to fill you guys in. Kbye.

  1. marcb87world said: You know that I was rolling when you said your eyes are too big right? LMAO! They are so pretty though :D
  2. msanthropic said: Best wishes to you!!! I had wavefront LASIK done last year. Although PRK is a different refractive eye surgery, and yes it is slightly painful and irritating, it will change your life. You will love it after!
  3. meganaki said: Hope it goes well! I’m debating the same procedure at some point in my life, ie: when I have money. -_- But it kinda scares me, and I kinda think I look better with glasses, haha
  4. things-that-i-like said: I’ve heard that the PRK is way better than the LASIK anyway. Good luck!
  5. disposable-me said: Oh and one more thing. Try not to breathe deeply when they are doing the procedure. The laser puts off an odor… and it’s unpleasant. It smells like burning hair. My doc warned me, don’t know if yours will or not.
  6. queueme said: omg! Your prescription is the same as mine :) I’m so glad to know i’m not alone, I was beginning to get very depressed about my eye situation. being blind sucks. I was also not eligible for lasik :/
  7. omsnoms said: good luck! eye things freak me out 0.o
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